Caching & Proxy (Components)

CDN (Amazon CloudFront)

Amazon CloudFront is a fast content delivery network (CDN) service that securely delivers data, videos, applications and APIs to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds. The CloudFront network has 220+ points of presence (PoPs).

MemCached (AWS ElastiCache)

Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached is a Memcached-compatible in-memory key-value store service that can be used as a cache or a data store. It delivers the performance, ease-of-use, and simplicity of Memcached.

Redis (AWS ElastiCache)

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis is an in-memory data store that provides sub-millisecond latency to power web-applications. Built on open-source Redis and compatible with the Redis APIs.

SSL-/Domain-Proxy (root360)

This component provides a dynamic solution for routing domains into your AWS environment while fully automating the creation of SSL certificates via "Let's Encrypt".

Varnish Cache (root360)

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. It typically speeds up delivery with a factor of 300 - 1000x, depending on your architecture and software.