Create a ticket (qualified notification)

What options do I have to create a ticket?

With root360 two ways can be used to create a ticket.

  1. Send an email to A ticket will be created in our system and an employee will contact you within one hour.

  2. Open in your browser, log in and create a ticket via our ticket portal. Here too, an employee will contact you within one hour.

How do I get access to the ticket portal (Freshdesk)?

Normally, the accesses are created and transferred during onboarding. If this did not happen or you are new to a project, you can ask a colleague if he requests access for you. Alternatively, send an email to and put a colleague of yours in the CC. We will then contact this colleague to get us a permit. Afterwards, an employee of root360 will contact you and give you access to the ticket portal.
If an access is requested, please always indicate





What information do you need to help me immediately?

Since we at root360 deal with many projects every day and are constantly adding new projects, from existing or new customers, we also need your help, so that we can respond quickly and implement your requirements immediately.
For this we need the following information from you:

Standard information (please specify in each ticket):

  • Which project is this?

  • Which environment does this concern? (e.g. test, stage, prod)

I have a new request:

Necessary information:

  • What do you want to achieve with this requirement? (if necessary we can also offer alternatives from root360)

  • (Optional) Which change or configuration can we actually make if they are already known in the technical implementation?

I have a fault condition:

Necessary information:

  • What is the error pattern? What happens under what circumstances? For example:

    • Where did the error happen? (Browser, log, etc.)

    • When did the error happen?

    • Is the error repeatable? (permanent, hourly, daily, etc.)

    • Are there potentially known triggers like cronjobs / exports?

    • How can the error be reproduced?

    • etc.

  • Are there specific error messages (timeout, connection refused, error codes from web servers like 504, 404 ....)?

  • Where are these errors found and what has already been checked? (Log files)

Additional Information:

  • What have I already done? (Which logs have I checked?, Have I already tested customization to configurations ?, Which tests have I already performed?)

  • (optional) It is also possible to attach screenshots or other files that help with the transfer of information to the ticket.

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