Create an SSH Key


To get access to a root360 platform, an SSH public Key is required.


An SSH-Key-Pair can be generated with the resources of each Linux / Unix derivative.

The following command is used to generate a key pair with the following properties via a terminal:

  • An SSH private key is created in the path specified by -f . The SSH public key is also created in the same directory. This has the same name, but ends with ".pub". We recommend this option to overwrite existing keys in the standard directory!

  • -b specifies the strength of the key. It should never be less than 4096.

  • -C is an optional comment

1 ssh-keygen -b 4096 -f /Pfad/zum/privateKeyFile -C "comment"

Windows (Puttygen)

The puttygen.exe tool is required for generating in Windows. The tool can be downloaded eg at .

Once the program is started, please make the following settings:

  • Parameters> Type of keys: SSH-2 RSA

  • Parameters> Number of bits: at least 2048 (default) - better 4096

  • Key comment: please provide a name

After this, a key can be generated via the [GENERATE] button. The public part as well as the secret can be saved via the [Save public key] and [Save private key] buttons. Root360 requires either the public key or the "OpenSSH key" shown in the upper section (the latter is preferred).


SSH key transmission

After successful creation of your SSH key, your public SSH key has to be sent to root360 Ticket system at to get provisioned.

Never share your private key to another person. Distribute your public SSH key only.

You can find the public SSH key for Windows at Puttygen as "OpenSSH key" shown in the upper section. For Linux / Unix derivative you find your public key in the directory of creation which has the same name, but ends with ".pub".


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