Platform (Components)

CLI-Suite (root360)

The CLI-Suite facilitates daily work with Platform via the command line and helps with individual automations. A special add-on to the CLI-Suite is dedicated to containers.

Code Deploy (root360)

Code Deploy is the central deployment system for the hosting platform. Code Deploy allows applications to be easily deployed to your cloud infrastructure from a central location. This supports developers to focus on developing and building the software.

Core Compliance (root360)

Our cloud environments achieve the highest compliance standards. This is possible by combining root360's security standards and compliance certifications with those of AWS. In particular, we assign high importance to DSGVO compliance.

Core Infrastructure (root360)

The core infrastructure principles of all cloud environments implemented on root360's hosting platform is based on our experience and AWS best practices.

Core Security (root360)

The core security principles of all cloud environments implemented on root360's hosting platform closely follows AWS security principles as described in the "AWS Security Best Practices".

Cost Report (root360)

The platform provides an automated and periodic overview of the consumed AWS costs via weekly email. This overview also includes a forecast of AWS costs based on past consumption and resource based cost ranking including trend indication.

Dashboard (root360)

The dashboard is the central entry point to your individual cloud environment. It provides the following features, among others: Overview of environments, detailed overview of components, vital values and metrics of the components and self service features (in preparation). Of course, the dashboard also has a dark mode.

Redirect Service (root360)

The component redirects any domain to for HTTP and HTTPS and supports redirection of subdomains to a directory structure e.g. to

Standard DDoS-Protection (AWS Shield)

AWS Shield is in a managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service that safeguards applications running on AWS. AWS Shield provides always-on detection and automatic inline mitigations that minimize application downtime and latency.

Standard Logging (root360)

The platform provides a DSGVO-compliant standard logging for different protocols as a system bound log system using syslog-ng. All relevant log files are consolidated to a central location in real-time.